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An e-zine developed by the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati in 2007, David’s Voice ( was created to attract young (and young-at-heart) members of the Jewish community in Cincinnati. The Federation wanted to re-brand the publication as a vehicle for reaching younger members of the Jewish community and encouraging them to get involved in community happenings. It featured topics of interest to young professionals, and wanted to be known as the place young professional Jews turned for news, arts, lifestyle, and entertainment. 

First, to clearly communicate what David’s Voice was: a unique, local e-zine with valuable and interesting information about people and happenings around Cincinnati; David’s Voice readers needed to feel encouraged to take action and get involved in the community. The second challenge was to position David’s Voice as THE Jewish platform for ongoing dialog. And thirdly, the brand needed a youthful makeover.

I developed a new brand identity and tagline that communicated vitality and involvement. This modern and energetic brand identity positioned David’s Voice as a hub for conversation in the local Jewish community, and reached out to the young professional Jews of Cincinnati. I then carried this new brand identity to the web site, t-shirts, and other marketing materials.




New Logo:

new david's voice logo



Original Logo:

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