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About me


Coloring in the Lines
Hello, I am Claudia Sandman. For years, I played by the rules. I went to college on an art/design scholarship. Built quite a respectable portfolio. Interned at ad agencies while in college, and even got a job in a large ad agency as a design assistant before graduating from college. I quickly moved up through the ranks and was even recruited by other agencies. I loved getting to use my creativity and design abilities to help companies meet their strategic goals.

I soon realized that I truly thrived on, and was creatively inspired by, having direct contact with the clients and developing relationships with them. I knew that my work was consistently better when I applied a healthy mix of strategy along with a personal understanding of the challenge ahead.

Finding My Passion
After a long stint employed by several large agencies in the Louisville area, I joined a small web design & marketing firm at the height of the boom. I advanced from art director to creative director, and loved learning the new technology. I relished the immediacy of it. How fast you could see a final product. How quickly you could change things on the fly. But what I liked most was working one-on-one with my clients. I loved getting connected to the people and products I was helping to market. After four years, the bubble burst, and I knew it was time for a change. That's when I made the leap, and became an entrepreneur. OOMPH Design was born in 2002.




Why I’m Still Here
After 20 years in the world of advertising and branding, I continue coming back to one key thing. The joy of how strategic design can delight a client and provide the results they're looking for.





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